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Use RelixerTM to maximize RAP content while meeting project specifications.

Engineered, high-performance Rejuvenator for High RAP & RAS mixes

  • Rapidly penetrates and rejuvenates. Reduces virgin asphalt loading in the mix.

  • Allows increased RAP & RAS content while aiding compaction

  • Proven performance record in high RAP mixes including those containing 100% RAP

  • Improves low-temperature performance, fracture toughness & fatigue properties

  • All-natural, green bio-oil blend conferring superior long term aging properties

Paving Products

Supplied globally and used across the value chain; refiners, terminals, contractors and formulators of asphalt products have found Sripath® products to be effective, safe and economical.


Green Oil reactivates/restores the asphalt in high RAP/RAS. Rapidly penetrates and provides a significant reduction in low temperature grade.


Polymers provides significant increases in the high temperature grade without changing the low temperature performance.


Petrochemical Blend decreases low temperature grade, viscosity and provides stability and compatibility to Polymer Modified Asphalts.


Green Oil decreases the low-temperature grade and reduces system viscosity.


Polymers increase the high temperature grade with minimal effect on the low temperature performance.


A SBS cross-linker. With SBS, it increases the high temperature grade without changing low temperature performance. System stability is enhanced.

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