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Solve your high temperature (high PG grade, Softening Point, Penetration) and low temperature (low PG grade, cold adhesion, cold bend, cold flex, stress relaxation, fatigue) performance, viscosity, stability, polymer compatibility and rejuvenation needs with our top products. We offer leading-edge thinking, formulation support and offer unique insight into the ways in which our products may be combined to offer you performance and cost advantages. We offer best-in-class products with world-wide, field-tested, proven performance.

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Check out the matrices below to see Sripath® additives our customers have found effective to address specific product needs. Please don’t hesitate to call/contact us for technical assistance.

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Sripath Technologies® is a proud member of ASTM International, Society of Asphalt Technologists of New Jersey (NJSAT), NY Construction Materials Association & Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce. It’s products have been successfully tested, evaluated and listed by Industry Leading Associations including AASHTO, MARC and CSIR.