PGXtend® For Roofing

PGXtend® polymers were developed to meet the high-temperature performance needs of asphalt users in many industries. The polymers are readily mixable into asphalt with low shear equipment and have been designed to be compatible with a wide range of asphalts. PGXtend® also allows the PMA producer to reduce SBS content which reduces PMA viscosity. PGXtend® allows for more stable and higher concentrate formulations, which helps reduce costs. PGXtend® also functions as an excellent dispersing aid when used in combination with conventional polymers such as SBS and SBR. The PGXtend® polymers are free-flowing powders and are available in full truckload quantities in 1,300 lb supersacks (600 kg). Trial quantities available upon request.

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Roofing Flux with PGXtend® 718

PGXtend® can alter asphalts characteristics to optimize properties and cost.

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PGXtend® Storage Stability

Asphalts containing PGXtend® with and without SBS are remarkably stable.

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