PGXtend® For Paving

The PGXtend® polymers were developed to meet the high-temperature performance needs of both Paving & Roofing Customers. They boost the High Temperature (PG) and stiffness modulus (DSR) ratings of the paving binder while being readily mixable, using low shear equipment, into a wide range of asphalts. They confer workability advantages to paving mixes and act as a compaction aid in paving formulations, particularly those stiffer mixes incorporating high amounts of RAP & RAS. PGXtend® powders are available in full truckload quantities in 1,300 lb supersacks (600 kg). Trial quantities available upon request.

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PGXtend™ Effects on Base Binder Grading

PGXtend® polymers increase the high-temperature grade with minimal effect on the low-temperature performance. Choose the grade of PGXtend<sup>®</sup> based on your asphalt and desired properties.

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PGXtend® Storage Stability

Asphalts containing PGXtend® with and without SBS are remarkably stable.