NuMIXER™ For Roofing

The product of an 18-month intensive research effort, NuMIXER™ is a top bio-oil blend designed for efficacy, permanence and ease of use in roofing and paving asphalt formulations. A product of prime, “GREEN” ingredients only, NuMIXER™ has a very low odor. NuMIXER™ helps to improve low temperature properties and reduces viscosity in formulations. It is compatible with a wide variety of asphalts and additives commonly used in roofing & paving formulations and contributes to the stability of polymer – asphalt formulas. A free-flowing liquid at ambient conditions it is available in bulk shipments and totes by special request. Trial quantities available upon request.

NuMIXER™ use in Flashing Compounds

NuMixer™ adds flexibility to the flashing compound to better accommodate thermal and physical stresses, and enhances adhesion to a variety of substrates. NuMIXER™ also reduces system viscosity, enhances low temperature properties, incorporates easily into asphalt and is easy to use.

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Viscosity Profile

NuMIXER™ reduces the viscosity of neat and polymer modified asphalts.

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Aging Susceptibility (Aging Index)

NuMIXER™ provides good aging properties in asphalt.

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Low Temperature Mandrel Bend Test

NuMIXER™ can dramatically improve cold temperature performance of asphalt.

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NuMIXER™ with PGXpand™

NuMIXER™ combined with PGXpand™ expands the useful temperature range of asphalts.

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